January 2019 Newsletter

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KSLOR Virtual Education

It can be tough gathering a membership from across the state and beyond for events. KSLOR is bridging that gap by stepping into the future offering Virtual Education Events exclusive to KSLOR membership. You will now have the opportunity to join in for fantastic educational topics from vetted presenters from around the world from the comfort of your computer or mobile device. However, this is a perk Exclusive to KSLOR membership. Are you member of the Kansas Lodge of Research? If not, Apply Today! https://kslor.org/membership/join/

For current members of KSLOR sign up here to reserve you spot for this event. We are limited to 100 interactive participants with this platform so get your name on the list ASAP to make sure you don’t miss out on this. [[CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP]]

Our First Education event will be on the History of the Arts in Freemasonry presented by Brother and Professional Masonic Artist, Ryan J. Flynn

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More a Research Society than a Lodge

Alex Powers addresses Leadership Academy

Coming of fresh from the Aug 25 Refresh session, Bro. Alex Powers, Director, Kansas Lodge of Research, provided an overview of the new energy and “innovations” being made to KSLOR to make it useful, relevant, and accessible.

The reboot supports the previously established goals:Research-Publish-Speak.  Grand Lodge suspended the bylaws so the new leadership could re-launch without having to trod over the same dusty ground as previous administrations.  New focus will be on events, social campaigns, Facebook activity, changing the name to Masonic Research Society, changing the dues structure, and adding emphasis in preservation.  Non-Kansas Masons may now be members.

“The key to success of our Research Society is participation.  That’s why we are providing a substantial incentive for contributors.”   Bro. Alex Powers

Dues are $50 but can be significantly reduced for contributors.  One Research Paper in a year or a day’s preservation work at the lodge will give you “academic credit” equivalent to $40 bring dues down to $10 (former amount).  Mechanics of the academic credit is still being worked out.

If you don’t want to be involved in research, why are you joining the Lodge of Research?”  Alex Powers in response to those who want to be a member of KSLOR but don’t  want to contribute.

To join, click on Membership and follow the instructions.  A paper is required, but, as Alex explains, the Society is looking for a basic paper, not a sequel to Albert Pike’s Morals and Dogma.  It should be current research.  The minimum standard is one page.  A great place to start is your own lodge: Who was your first Master?  What has your lodge done lately that needs to be recorded (beyond what is in your lodge minutes)?  There are a lot of great places to start your research.

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August 25, 2018 BBQ Lunch & Lecture

***Registration for this event has closed***

From Whence Came You?  Colonial Freemasonry Lecture

KSLOR is kicking off the new season with BBQ and a Special Guest presenting a lecture on Colonial Freemasonry that is not to miss.  For every 1776 history tale, there is a Masonic back story.  Come hear about several of the back stories that will make you a proud Masonic descendent of those characters who risked their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honors.  

Date: Saturday, August 25, 2018    Time: Meal 12 noon, Lecture at 1 PM
Location: Grand Lodge Library & Museum, 320 SW 8th St., Topeka
Cost:  $12.70 paid in advance to reserve your spot (Register Below)
GuestR:.W:. Bro. Robert Johnson, editor of the Midnight Freemasons, Host of the Masonic podcast “Whence Came You?”, Co Host of the iconic Masonic Podcast and YouTube show “The Masonic Roundtable”.  

“I feel [the Library & Museum] is a very fitting venue as we set in on this new path together. I have had the chance to see [Bro. Johnson’s] presentation … and can wholeheartedly say you will not want to miss this!”, says Bro. Alex Powers, Director, Kansas Lodge of Research


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KSLOR Reboot

Dear Scholarly Brethren,

As you may have heard there have been some changes made to the overall structure of the Kansas Lodge of Research.  We are undergoing a full REBOOT to maximize the value of KSLOR to the Craft as a whole.  These changes will be revealed to you very soon, but for the time being, rest assured the new leadership team of KSLOR is hard at work constructing a new quality new program that we will be launching in the near future.  Are you Ready for it?!


Most Sincerely & Fraternally,

Alex G. Powers

Director, Kansas Lodge of Research


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Kansas Masonic Online Collection

Mr. Dylan Sweyko-Kuhlman, Archivist of our Kansas Masonic Library and Museum, provided an update about our online collection to the annual meeting of the Kansas Lodge of Research (KSLOR) in Topeka on Thursday, March 15, 2018.   As a reminder, KSLOR is the group that made the online collection possible through our donations for the PastPerfect archiving software Dylan uses to catalog our holdings.  A button labeled Library & Archives has been added to the menu above so you’ll be able to easily find the collection as long as your remember KSLOR.org.

Sample of items available in the online collection.

Per Dylan, the next series of priorities is to scan in the most requested or needed books in the collection so you’ll be able to access them online.  These would be the books that are not available elsewhere: The out-of-print, rare ones, and one-of-a-kind. For those books currently available for sale at, say, Amazon or Macoy’s, we’ll need to find them in catalogs of local libraries where they can be read online or ordered delivered to your local library for check out. Maybe a revamped Research Committee can start posting links to the libraries and repositories of Research Lodges and grand Lodge libraries of the other jurisdictions in the US (hint-hint).

The collection can also hold your digital artifacts.  Several KSLOR members mentioned having pictures of key events or historical figures in their lodge.  These are important parts of our heritage and should not be neglected.  I recommend that you call Dylan at 785-234-5518 and coordinate how to get those artifacts into the online collection.  It is my dream that someday we will be able to research and find the golden gems that are currently quietly reposing in dusty lodge archives across the state.

There was mention that the Grand Lodge office is attempting to digitize all the membership records.  This is excellent when tracing a family’s Masonic history.  Our eventual digitized collection of both Grand Lodge and local lodge holdings will take the family tracing to the next level.  You’ll not only know who in your family was a Mason, but what they did as a Mason and their impact on their lodge and community.

History has a way of repeating itself and the glory days of men seeking Masonic membership en masse is not behind us.  It is ahead of us.  As younger generations begin to look for a solid rock in the rough seas of anti-establishment, pursuit of the profane, and distributed electronic societies, they will discover what we have and come to us in numbers.

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Historical Light – Illuminates Our Past

One of our brothers and fellow members of the Kansas Lodge of Research is doing his part to ignite the Masonic Explorer in all of us.  I recommend frequently checking Historical Light, a Masonic show devoted to illumination our past hosted by Brother Alex Powers, Worshipful Master of Gardner Lodge #65.  About twice monthly, Bro Alex provides a very insightful look at a historical aspect of our beloved fraternity.  I think you, too, will enjoy this perspective provided with video and narrative.

Alex has a great philosophy with his site, “There are so many tales to be told between our Buildings, Members, Events, and Family History.  With this show, we aim to share, preserve, and Honor these memories for years to come.  See: http://www.historicallight.com

Sample page from Historicallight.com hosted by Bro. Alex Powers.

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Annual Meeting Announced!

Kansas Lodge of Research will hold its Annual Meeting on Thursday, March 15, 2018 at the Capitol Plaza Convention enter and Hotel in Topeka.   The meeting will commence at 3:00 pm, R:. W:. H. Wayne Rector presiding.  The meeting will immediately follow the Kansas Masonic Foundation’s Meeting with the Lodges and precede the 162nd Annual Communication Welcome Reception.  Check the hotel marquis to find out which room we will bet in.

BRING YOUR KSLOR Dues Card.  You will need this card to be able to vote at the meeting.  If you have not yet paid your 2018 dues, you can do so online, but do it by March 6th to ensure there is time to get your dues card to you.

Speaking of the KMF’s Meeting with the Lodges … It is highly recommended that every lodge in Kansas have at least one representative there.  Guest speakers from many of the 50th Anniversary “Building Kansas” campaign beneficiaries will be there.  The opportunities for Kansas lodges to enhance their ties to their community, become a benefit to their neighbors, and grow their membership cannot be overstated.  Any lodge can succeed wildly by taking advantage one or more of the programs that will be detailed at the meeting.

See you in Topeka, Brethren.

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Membership has its Privileges!

$10 Dues – “Ten bucks” Ten smackeroos.

As we twist your arm (and your hand toward your wallet) remember that your membership dues have gone for the initial effort to electronically catalog the great holdings in our Kansas Masonic Library and Museum.  You can now view our Online Collection!  Your continued membership is necessary so that the only portal remains funded and available as our archivist, Dylan Sweyko-Kuhlman, begins to gain speed (and volume) of our heritage, you’ll be able to peruse the collection online.  Eventually, this effort will expand to collections and libraries in each lodge.  This is a great way to catalog the history of achievement of our brothers both now and those who blazed the Masonic trails into Kansas even before Kansas became a state.

Your continued membership is vital to this effort.  Give up that double-expresso-latte for one day and help preserve your Masonic heritage beyond your lifetime.  Renew Now!

Picture of the Grand Lodge Library and Museum online.

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DOOZERDOO – 2018 Dues are Now Due

Greetings brothers!  The calendar has flipped to 2018 and the means your dues are due for KSLOR.  Those not current as of February 1st will no longer have access to the member area of the KSLOR site and may be dropped from distribution of meeting information.

Your support for KSLOR is an imperative.  Last year, we funded the Grand Lodge Library & Museum archiving software.  This year, your dues will support making that archive available to KSLOR members via the web.  You’ll be able to see the inventory of amazing artifacts of  your Kansas Masonic heritage from the comfort of your cozy lair.

Your dues also support the web site you are currently using, maintains our KSLOR address, secures the site with feature such as https, and supports online payment capabilities.

Brothers, your earliest and prompt attention to the trifling detail of your dues would be most appreciated by the Secretary who does an outstanding job for us all … voluntarily!

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