Cable Tow Question for Discussion

Brothers,  I received an email with a question that was asked by a brother through the Grand Lodge web site.

There seems to be much symbolism in the use of the cabletow, but I have begun to wonder, what is the correct length of the cabletow? It has been interesting to see the symbology of it, but is there a specified length of it?

                                 Where do I find that answer?

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2 Responses to Cable Tow Question for Discussion

  1. Rick Reichert says:

    Oddly, there does not appear to be a Short Talk Bulletin (STB) on this topic. Perhaps, if someone were willing to research and write something on this topic, he could potentially see that work published in The Kansas Mason and an STB. Please submit your article to Thanks, Rick

  2. John Crary says:

    Just what is a cable tow and how long is it? How is it used in Freemasonry? Is the cable tow a restraint, a connection, or perhaps a measure of distance? Yes to all three questions.
    I would direct your attention to the Kansas Mason, Fall 2014 edition, page 42. I had an article published titled “If Within the Length of My Cable Tow.” I hope this answers some questions and “sparks new ones” to inspire research and more knowledge.

    happy discovering, John

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