PGM J Forrest Ayres photo in the Grand Lodge Library gallery.


  • Worshipful Master: Wayne Rector
  • Senior Warden: Frank Keedy
  • Junior Warden: Daren Kellerman
  • Treasurer: Wayne Rollf
  • Secretary: Jon Woodward


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  2. John Crary says:

    Greetings Brothers,
    I hope your holidays were filled with family, friends and joy. If you are like me, and have realized you have not paid your 2016 dues I have the answer. Under the banners of Membership and Contact there is not an active link to pay online. If you click on Contact it will show you “registration is closed”. If you will use this link you will be able to pay your dues by credit card or Pay Pal online. In addition, those who prefer to pay by snail-mail can find the proper address to submit dues to.

    John Crary
    Junior Warden

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