Copyrights and Legal Issues

CopyrightAt our August 29, 2015 KSLOR gathering in Emporia, Bro. Michael Snively, SW provided his research about copyrights and legal issues.  Several side discussions could be heard during dinner about how we need to protect our intellectual capital and how we must ensure we honor the rights of others when using their works as our references.

Please click the (c) symbol or go to our Copyrights page for a list of links that has information on copyright and legal issues to consider when digitizing collections.  It is imperative that we do the right things to properly mark and safeguard our materials while at the same time getting the proper permissions or making citations when using the work of others in our publications.

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  1. John Crary says:

    Brothers of Kansas and beyond,
    We had a great annual communications and added many to our ranks. The new slate of officers and the willingness of MW Rick to keep this web site going = a great year to come. Many ideas were floated for research and publication, and if ay are interested please feel free to contact me should you require assistance.
    Together we will make a difference.

    Senior Warden

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