Masonic Education in-a-box Concept


Masonic Education in-a-box Concept

Originally the brain-child of R:. W:. Dale R. Morrow, Grand Senior Deacon and Chairman of the Masonic Education Committee, this concept was put to paper in a draft form.  Pursuant an executive update of initiatives and plans presented by the Master of Kansas Lodge of research to the Grand Lodge Council of Administration on April 4, 2015, the Council issued a directive to the research lodge to develop and initiate the production of a so called “Masonic Education In-a-Box” for distribution.  This paper is a rough draft of a concept that may satisfy the directive. This concept will be further developed over the summer and returned to both KSLOR and the Masonic Education committee for further action.


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  2. Dale Morrow says:

    Masonic Education. Some Lodges excel at Masonic Education. Some Lodges have not had a Masonic Education program this decade. Yet, every Mason could benefit from more light, more understanding, and more tools to polish and adorn the mind that we can use in our lives to build, polish and adorn the temple that every Mason strives to erect.
    Some of our Brothers lack the comfort in research. Others may have a knack for research but no ability to frame the information into a presentation. Others may be able to research a subject, put together a paper, but they freeze at the idea of presenting their topic. To some this may sound ridiculous. Yet, a large number of our Lodges have no Masonic Education for one or more of these reasons. Some may have tried, but didn’t quite have all the elements together, and may have met with embarrassment, or even rejection, real or perceived.
    So, what if we had a way to bring a high quality Masonic Education Program to even the smallest Lodges in Kansas? What if they could plug a DVD in a player and watch a great presentation gathered around a television brought up to the Lodge by a Brother?
    What if the District Deputy Grand Master brought over a projector one evening, plugged in his laptop, and played a great Masonic Education program, and led a discussion session afterwards? What if discussion questions were part of the video program?
    I believe that we must endeavor to inspire every Brother we can reach to excellence. Masonic Education in a Box may seem like an odd name, and an odd method in a Fraternity where “mouth to ear” is stressed. It is merely to mean, everything you need to present a great Masonic Education Program are all packaged together. Whether delivered by download from a website, or delivered by mail in a Masonic “Netflix” of sorts, everything you need to present a quality program should be delivered together.
    This will not be easy to achieve. However, I think the rewards, in the quality of our Fraternity, and the ability of our members to gain excellent Masonic Education, will be great.

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  4. Derrick Lee says:

    R:. W:. Dale R. Morrow, I believe you are on to something here. I am a young M.M. of 3 years. I have been on fire for Masonry since my initiation, and have a keen interest in the histories, allegories, and teachings of our cherished fraternity. What I have noticed in my short walk in the light, is the lack of passion/participation for regular, meaningful, and entertaining Masonic Education. I have been a member of for nearly 2 years and have been able to fulfill me desires for education, but I feel as if I am not upholding my honor to the fraternity by not effectively sharing this with the Brethren during our stated meetings. I understand that this post is from last year but am anxious to see how we can change the way Kansas Masons are being effectively educated. Thank you for sharing and if there is anything that this young Mason can do to assist please let me know!

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